Clarke Snell of the Nauhaus Institute interviews Ian Pritchett, Managing Director of Lime Technology, about the Nauhaus Prototype Project, the first home in the US to use Hemcrete. It was filmed on-site in West Asheville, NC. For more of the Nauhaus Prototype Construction Chronology, visit

For more on hemp and building with hemp see

harder than concrete for homes and buildings!

This is what we can do ( Documentary) (40 minutes)

Feb 21, 2011
"When We Grow...This Is What We Can Do" is an educational documentary concerning the facts about cannabis. In this feature length documentary we explore everything there is, from industrial hemp to medicinal cannabis use, from the origins of cannabis prohibition to the legality of growing equipment.
A film by Seth Finegold and presented by Luke Bailey.

Featuring Interviews with:
Professor David Nutt (Head of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs) Mr Peter Reynolds (Head of CLEAR UK, formerly the Legalize Cannabis Alliance) Ms Sarah Martin (Medicinal cannabis patient)

in Nauhaus prototype, Asheville, NC

May 15, 2010
Built by the Nauhaus Institute, a multi-disipline project in green building construction, this home has "hempcrete" walls, installed by Hemp Technologies:
Learn more at: &

Spray Applied HEMCRETE

Apr 21, 2010
HemcreteŽ is a blend of specially prepared hemp shiv (TradicalŽ HF) and a special lime based binder (TradicalŽ HB). Together these products form a bio-composite building material that can be used both for the creation of buildings that have excellent thermal and acoustic properties as well as creating a healthy living and working environment.

This film shows the material being sprayed into place while building Lime Technology's offices. There is also a film on YouTube showing the material being applied using shuttering while building the NNFCC Renewable House at the BRE Innovation Park

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